Search Ready-Made Lists


This topic explains how to add Curriculum Lists to your account by searching for ready-made Lists in our library. has a growing number of Official Curriculum Lists that you can install into your Courses enabling you to easily link your Lessons to Curriculum Standards.

You can also create your own Lists. All Lists are fully editable and can be easily customized to suit your unique requirements.


To search the List Library for relevant Lists, open the side menu and click Curriculum Lists, then Search for Lists.

Type the List you're looking for into the search field or click a country flag to see all Lists available. You can also Request a List so that we can create it for you and add it to our Library.

The search results page allows you to narrow your search further using the advanced search tools. Lists marked with an Official tag have been verified by Cloudschool. Once you have found the List you're looking for,click the List to view its contents.

In the List Result view you can see the curriculum items in the List as well as a description. Use the expand and collapse icons to show the list sub-items.

To import the List, click Import List.

The List is now in your List Library and can be used in any Lesson. You can Edit the List at any time from the List Manager.