Publish a Course or Lesson


This topic explains how to publish a Course or Lesson to your Teaching Space. Each Course on your dashboard can be made visible or hidden from public view. When a Course is marked as visible it is ‘live’ and has been published to your Teaching Space.

Within a Course you can control which Lessons will be visible or hidden. You can also control which individual parts of your Lesson will be visible or hidden.

Publish a Course

To publish a Course, go to your Dashboard and click the option menu of the Course you wish to publish. Select Publish Course.

The Course is now marked as visible and it is ‘live’ on your Teaching Space. You can also apply a password to the Course to ensure that only people with the password can access it.

When the course is hidden, only you are able to see it and it will not appear on your Teaching Space. This is useful if you are working on a Course that is incomplete or you wish to keep a Course private.

You can toggle the privacy setting for each Course from your dashboard or within the Settings of the Course.


Publish a Lesson

You can also control the visibility of each Lesson within a Course. To publish a Lesson, click into the Course and set the visibility switch of the Lesson to ON. The Lesson will now appear within the Course when viewed publicly. Lessons with the visibility switch set to OFF can only be viewed by you.


Publish Parts of your Lesson

You can also control the visibility of individual parts of your Lesson. A visibility switch is found on each element within a lesson. Set the switch to ON or OFF to control wether or not it will be published.