Mapping Curriculum Standards


This topic explains how to add a Curriculum List to your Lesson to easily link the Lesson to Curriculum Standards.


Once you have created or imported a List, you can use it in any Lesson. To add a List to a Lesson, click into the Lesson. Click the Plus button and select the Curriculum element.

The lists you have installed into your account will appear. Click the List you wish to add and it will be inserted into your Lesson.

Once the list has been added, click the click here to add list items button and the List controller will appear.

Tick the items that you wish to link to the Lesson. Click Save Changes when you’re finished.

Note: Some list items may be nested inside others.

The selected List items are now inserted into your Lesson.

To update, edit or remove a List, click on the List again to bring up the controller. The List element also has a visibility switch to control whether or not it is publicly visible.