Create a Curriculum List


This topic explains how to create your own Curriculum List to use in your Lessons.


As well as using ready-made Lists, you can create your own at any time. To create a List open the side menuand click Curriculum Lists, then List Manager.

Click the Create List button.

Give the List a name and click Create List.

The newly created List will open in the List Editor. The List editor allows you to build and edit your Lists. To add your first List Item, click Add New Item.

Type or paste your curriculum standard and click Add Item.

The new item has been added to the List.

Create more items as needed. Once you have multiple items in your List you can drag an item left or right to nest it within another item. You can also drag an item up or down to re-order the List.

When hovering on an item, click the edit icon to edit the item, or the delete icon to delete it.

Once you have created a List you can easily add it to a Lesson. All changes made to a List will be applied to every Lesson in which the List appears.

Note: Lists are powerful and can be used to track many other aspects of your Lesson. For example you could record student attendance. Start by creating a List of all of your students. You can then use this List in each Lesson to record which students were absent.