Create a Lesson


This topic explains how to create a Lesson and add content to the Lesson. Each Lesson is created by inserting elements such as text, curriculum standards, images and videos.


To add a Lesson, click into the Course you wish to add a Lesson to. Choose a Template or click the Create New Lesson button.

Once inside the lesson you will be met with a selection of Lesson Elements to begin planning your lesson. To rename the lesson at any time, click on the lesson title.

Planning The Lesson

You can now begin planning the Lesson. There are 12 elements that can be used when creating a Lesson:

  1. Curriculum Lists - A Curriculum List can be inserted into any part of a Lesson and is a powerful way to map your Lesson content to curriculum standards. 
  2. Text Fields - Insert a Text Field into any part of the Lesson to write notes, instructions, homework, or anything else you can think of.
  3. Google Docs - Insert a Google Doc into your lesson. All changes will be synced automatically between your Google Drive account and your Cloudschool Account. 
  4. Apps or Code - Embed interactive content such as quizzes, apps and other amazing things from websites such as, and
  5. Images - Insert an Image into any part of the Lesson. The Image will be placed into the Lesson and you can select an image size and add a caption. 
  6. Videos - Insert a YouTube or Vimeo Video into any part of the Lesson. Simply copy the URL of any YouTube or Vimeo video to embed it into the Lesson.
  7. Links - Insert a Link to a website into any part of the Lesson. Clicking the link will open the webpage in a new tab/window.
  8. Files - Insert a File or group of files into any part of the Lesson. You can upload any File you wish to be added to the Lesson. 
  9. Audio - Insert an Audio file into any part of the lesson. It will appear in a music player and also be downloadable for anyone viewing the lesson.
  10. Discussions - Insert a Discussion into your lesson for students to discuss a topic of your choice. Anyone viewing the lesson will be able to contribute to the discussion
  11. Assignments - Insert an assignment for students to complete. This enables anyone viewing the lesson to submit a file or private response to you. Only you can see the submitted file and responses.
  12. Lines - Insert a line between two pieces of content within your lesson. This is simply a design element and serves no other purpose.

Example Lesson

Below is an example Lesson with a variety of content added to it.

Lesson elements can be moved up or down easily by using the option menu to the upper-right of each element. Each Lesson element also has a visibility switch to control whether or not it is publicly visible. Find out more about visibility here.

You can also download a Lesson to Word or PDF by selecting this from the option menu at the top of the Lesson page. Choosing Share Link from the Lesson option menu will provide you with the unique URL for that particular lesson. Click Preview Lesson to see a finished view of the Lesson without the editing tools.