Add Homework and Assignments


This topic explains how to insert an Assignment or Homework element into your Lesson. The Assignment Element allows people viewing the lesson to submit a private response and upload a file to you. Unlike a Discussion, submitted responses are only visible to you.


To embed an Assignment into a Lesson, click the Plus button and select Assignment.

Give the Assignment a name and then add a description for people who will be completing the Assignment. When complete, click Add Assignment.

The Assignment now appears in your lesson. Note, there are no submitted responses yet.

Preview the lesson to see the Assignment submission fields. Anyone viewing your lesson is able to submit a response, as well as upload a file. There is no limit on the number of submissions allowed by each person. 

Submitted responses can be viewed when the Lesson is in Edit mode. Attached files can be easily downloaded and the time and date of each submission is recorded. Each response can be deleted by clicking the x icon to the right.