Add a Google Doc


This topic explains how to add a Google Doc to your lesson. The document is completely editable and any changes you make to it will be reflected wherever else the document is in use.

Note: Before you can add a Google Doc to your lesson, you must first create a Google Doc on your Google Drive, or access a Google Doc that you already own.


Open a Google Doc that already own or create a new Doc within your Google Drive. Once you have the Doc open, click the File menu and select Share... or click the Share button.

Tip: You can add Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and even Google Forms.

Within the Share with others options click Get Shareable Link

It is important here to select whether people who will be accessing your lesson can View the document or Edit the document. Once you've selected your desired option, click Copy Link

To add the Google Doc to a Lesson, click the Plus button and select Google Doc.

Give the Google Doc a name and provide a description if necessary. In the Document URL field, paste the Sharable Link that you copied in the previous steps. 

The Google Doc is now embedded in your lesson and is totally editable by you as the owner of the document. Anybody viewing the lesson will also be able to view (or edit) the Google Doc, depending on the share settings you selected when getting the Shareable Link (shown above).  

Thanks to the amazing technology of Google Docs, any changes you make to the document will be reflected in real-time, anywhere else the document is in use.