Add a File


This topic explains how to add a File or group of Files to any part of your Lesson. The file element allows you to add worksheets, spreadsheets, PDF files, music or any other resource you wish to include in your Lesson. Each file you upload is stored in your File Manager allowing you to add Files to Lessons without having to upload them multiple times. When viewing a Lesson, clicking the File will download it to the user's computer.


To add a file to a lesson, click the Plus button and select the File Element.

Choose a name for the File or Group of Files. You can also add a description. Click Add Files.

Select the Upload File tab. Click to upload a File or drag and drop a File to begin uploading it. Any File you upload will automatically be added to your File Manager for easy access in the future.

You can also choose Existing Files from your File Manager. Any File you have previously uploaded is added to your File Manager so that it can be easily inserted in a Lesson again in the future.

The chosen files have now been added to the Lesson.

Click the x icon to remove individual files. To update, edit or remove the entire Files element, click the option menu. You can delete a File permanently by visiting your File Manager. Each Files element also has a visibility switch to control whether or not it is publicly visible.